64. Why Others Have No Right To Judge You – And Vice Versa

64. Why Others Have No Right To Judge You – And Vice Versa

? Why aren’t you chasing your dreams? You only get one crack at this life!

? Why are you so sensitive and emotional? You need to get thicker skin!

? Why did you do that horrible thing? You’re awful!

? Why don’t you change your job? You don’t even like it!

? Why are you always so giving to other people? You should make more time for yourself!

? Why do you believe what you believe? Clearly there’s no facts to support that!

? Why do you wear your hair like that? It would look better like this!

I may ask questions. I may have an opinion. But the fact is, what I think means NOTHING. I have absolutely ZERO right or authority to judge you and your life. ?


?Take a moment to understand this deeply:?

? Everyone’s life is a complex, personal culmination of a totally unique experience that has spanned not only this life but carries patterns from generations prior. Every thought they think, every decision they make, every emotion they feel and action they take, is a result of everything they have experienced combined with the expression of their totally unique soul. ?

All of that in you, is something I will NEVER fully understand. It’s impossible. I cannot walk 100% in your shoes. I don’t know what it feels like to wake up each day as YOU. So, what right do I have to judge you? I know so little of your inner world.

Sure, you and I may have experienced something similar – maybe we’ve both worked in the same type of job. Maybe we experienced a similar challenge once. And of course, we can connect on that. We may share our experiences and maybe we can even advise each other on things. ?

But, ultimately, I cannot fully know you. I may sense your soul but, I’ll never know your entire mind. I may share in your emotions but, I do not know exactly how they feel for you.

When I judge another, I simply see them through my own filters. Through my own 100% unique experience of life. I do not see the truth. I do not see their truth. I only see my truth. And that does not apply to anyone except me.


This is why I chose these words as my strap line. I’d like to encourage people to guide themselves from within. To take heed of advice if you want to, but ultimately trust yourself. Because no one fully knows YOU in the way that you do. ?

And be aware of this when you judge others. We all do it, including me. I’m not saying this is easy, at all! But, I try to remember that I have no authority to judge another person’s life. I will never know what it feels like to be them. How their soul plus everything they have experienced has bought them to their current state of expression – whether I agree with it or not, whether I like it or not, who am I to judge what I can never fully understand?

Seek to understand more deeply – can you know someone 100%? If not, simply stop judging. Set everyone free. ?


If you’ve experienced the struggle of a difficult childhood such as enduring abuse, neglect and abandonment, you are likely to struggle with people’s negative judgements of you – unable to brush them off. Do you want to learn how to build your resilience and stand strong in who YOU are so that you are less affected by other people’s opinions? If so,join my private Facebook group here:

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