72. 2018: Time To FOCUS!

72. 2018: Time To FOCUS!

Big lesson for me in the last 6 months: FOCUS!! Focus on what YOUR soul wants to experience and achieve. Get clear on it and smash it out of the park. Not in a BS motivational way, but in a way that says:

? ‘i know what’s important to ME right now and I’m going to use my time wisely to progress it’. ?

Wow that sounds so boring ? at least, compared to the usual messages of ‘HUSTLE! CHASE YOUR DREAMS! GO GET IT! MAKE MONEY! GET THAT GIRL/GUY!’ ? But, that kinda hype is usually superficial and short lived. And if anything, from my experience although it helps some times, often it just stressed me out and made me feel like shit.

Nope, I prefer a quiet but laser like focus on the unfolding of my soul, like a flower unfolding from its bud, a tree sprouting from a seed. There’s no ‘force’ about nature, but there is absolute focus. And that’s all you need to do in this complex world full of distractions – FOCUS.


The fact is, if you don’t know what you’re aiming for, how will you hit the target? It’s helpful to see what you’re aiming for. ?

For me, setting focus and goals for the year ahead isn’t about overly intellectualising life. It isn’t about ‘hustling’ and ‘forcing’ and ‘trying to succeed’. It’s simply about honing my focus in such a noisy and distracting world. A world which I let drag me off into ‘wrong’ directions in the past.

It’s about reconnecting to and being guided by, the part of my soul that is ready to express right now, and honouring that by focussing on it. Have I said ‘focus’ enough times? Focus focus focusssss! ?

That’s it really peeps. Just FOCUS! ?
I’m using a free template by Mel Robbins (in the pic) – you can find it on her website. I haven’t started filling it out yet but it looks great. I’ll let you know how I get on. And in 12 months we can review if it actually worked!






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