73. Why Wounds Lead To Wisdom

73. Why Wounds Lead To Wisdom

It seems that deep pain forces one to look inside themselves for answers, because nothing outside can ease the suffering. You get to a point where you realise that no one and no thing or experience outside of you can really heal you. It might provide some support, ease or brief pleasure but it rarely heals the wound. That work can only be done by going within. ?

In taking this inward journey that pain has pointed you towards, you become much more self-aware and connected to your true self. It is in this connection where the greatest healing takes place. ?

You realise that the cause of your suffering was not so much what happened to you, but that what happened to you caused you to blame yourself and reject yourself. ? And the only task for you is to recover your wholeness by connecting to it, accepting it and being it in all its glory. Only then, does the pain begin to subside. ?

Upon this deep connection to who you really are, you start to recognise all that is not you. And you can start to cleanse yourself of that baggage, conditioning and those false beliefs that were borrowed from other people. This process of cleansing is the seed of self-mastery. The process of becoming the captain of your own ship. ??

As you awaken more and more to your inner world, your truth, you realise that the depth of your pain is equal to the potential heights of your joy. You start to experience glimpses of the profundity of life, glimpses that are often only afforded to those who have hit rock bottom. ?

You can recognise and appreciate the complex, divine and beautiful tapestry of existence, even if only briefly. ?You world begins to have more meaning. And you become so incredibly grateful for this experience of profound spiritual growth. Your life will never be the same again. You might not even recognise the person you were a few years ago. You have reached new depths and new heights. You have expanded. ?

All of this, because your pain forced you to look within and discover the treasures that remain hidden to most. It forced you to awaken realms of inner strength, joy and peace that you didn’t even know were there. It is in this way, that our wounds become our wisdom. It is here, that our grief becomes our greatest gift.


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