74. The Next Stage Of Human Evolution

74. The Next Stage Of Human Evolution

THIS IS THE WORK… the next stage of our evolution.

We’ve evolved the outer world drastically, but people are now starting to look inwards. Especially when they realise that the outer world cannot quench their thirst, make them whole, help them reach new heights or heal their pains. If anything, it’s making all of that stuff harder. ???

Only inner work can do these things – and much more. Only inner work leads to self-mastery. Only inner work heals the madness of the modern world where we are so detached from what it is to be human that we destroy the very Earth that gives us life. ? You have to be pretty mad to do that… like a bird ripping apart it’s own nest. A bird would not be so silly. And yet here WE are. For ‘advanced’ and ‘evolved’ beings, we leave a lot to be desired! ?

??? Do not mistake technological/ intellectual evolution and progress for conscious evolution and progress. ???

They are entirely different things and whilst we’re doing great on the former, on the latter, as a species we have barely scratched the surface. But if we dare to dig a little deeper, if we’re willing to put in the work, we can become what we are capable of becoming:

? Beings who can change and choose their own psychology, rather than being at the whim of whatever limited conditioning they carry from childhood and prior generations

❤️ Beings who can self-regulate emotions and don’t need to distract or numb themselves with medications, addictions and superficial pleasures. Beings who through deep understanding of their own emotions, are easily able to connect with those of all other beings.

? Beings who instead of living from the most primitive part of their brain, can choose to engage higher brain circuits to consciously respond to life rather than impulsively react to it.

? Beings who are deeply connected to their authentic self and their spiritual nature. Resulting in a deep, meaningful, profound, loving and fulfilling experience of life.

On observation, most of the planet is NOT doing any of this stuff. If we were, there wouldn’t be masses of mental illness, abuse, war, addictions, poverty etc etc etc….

The crazy thing about being human is that you actually get to consciously choose to evolve your own consciousness. ? That is an absolute mind boggle! ?And no other species (as far as I know) has that capability.

If I’ve been afforded such a gift ?, I’m sure as hell going to use it! What about you?


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