75. Almost Bought This For Myself Today! 

75. Almost Bought This For Myself Today! 

Sure, it’s for kids. But, I need a worry eating monster in my life! 👹 Not because i have a lot to worry about but, because I think I have a lot to worry about.

‘I got 99 problems and 86 of them are completely made up scenarios in my head’. 😬 I don’t know who originally came up with that but it’s bang on the money!


Aside from life/ death and survival situations, most of our modern, day to day worries come down to ONE thing:

😨 What will people think of me? 😨

That’s IT.

You’re not worried about failing, you’re worried what people will think if you fail.

You’re not worried about making a mistake, you’re worried about what people will think if you make a mistake.

You’re not worried about trying something new/ speaking your truth/ disagreeing with someone/ making a bold decision/ going for that job / quitting that job/ looking a certain way/ dating a certain person… you’re worried about how people will respond to you doing these things. What will THEY think?

Will they REJECT you?
Will they LOOK DOWN on you?
Will they LAUGH AT you?

That’s what we’re mostly worried about in our personal, day to day lives. 😕 at least I know that’s what I’m mostly worried about.


I don’t have all the answers as I’m still a worryholic. But here’s some things that have helped me…

👉 that thing you’re worrying about, ask yourself: will it matter in one week? One month? One year? Five years? Anything less than the 1-5 year mark, I wouldn’t waste time and energy on. Let it go.

👉 that person’s opinion of you: is it a fact? Hint: it’s not. It’s simply a perspective, based on their conditioning, beliefs, emotions, experiences etc. It’s not truth. It’s certainly not your truth. Let it go.

👉 is there a problem that you can solve/ help with? If not, you are 100% wasting your time and energy. One sure way of screwing your own resilience is to not understand your sphere or control. Let it go.

👉 meditate. 😌 learn to focus your mind. Learn to create new patterns of thought to replace the old patterns of worrying. Let it go.

👉 look up. 🌌 you’re on a rock, floating in potentially infinite space, spinning at 1000miles per hour, circling a huge ball of fire. No one knows why or how we got here. None of us will be here that much longer. Let it go.

And if all else fails, get yourself a worry eating monster .


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