About Pinky

In 2016 Pinky Jangra was shortlisted by Hay House and Psychologies Magazine as one of the UK's top 5 new voices in self help and personal development.

Whether you want to get philosophical, spiritual, metaphysical, psychological, biological, emotional or behavioural - Pinky covers them all. After all, we are multidimensional beings and a holistic approach to personal growth and resilience is most likely to get results.

Pinky's own journey of personal growth has been going for over a decade. As an Indian female born in the UK, she grew up in a very challenging environment. Like many Asian females, she was conditioned into shame and suppression and experienced trauma. Somewhere a long the way, these wounds planted seeds of wisdom. Pinky started exploring the world of self-help, healing, authenticity and the process of becoming who we truly are as opposed to who we were conditioned to be. She has extensive knowledge and experience in many areas of self-help and combining this with over a decade of corporate experience, training and coaching, she now teaches others.

She works with:

  • People who have experienced abuse, offering online education in resilience, support materials and live workshops.
  • People who are interested in personal growth, offering masses of online content
  • Organisations who are interested in building staff resilience and well being, offering her proprietary Resilience training

Pinky loves what she does and shares a lot of free content to help people including blogs, videos and cartoons. Her vibrant, unique and energetic approach to personal development keeps her social media sites growing in followers on a daily basis. Check out her Facebook Page here.

Pinky is available for:

  • Group workshops and speaking events
  • Interviews
  • Writing articles and books
  • Videos
  • Any collaborations that you might have up your sleeve!

For all enquiries please email: contact@pinkyjangra.com