Mr Stick

69. Healing Means To Make Whole
Did you know that the old English meaning of the word heal is ‘to make whole’? I LOVE this! I[...]
68. Everything You Believe Could Be Wrong
We cling so dearly to our beliefs. We think we KNOW. We are RIGHT. They are WRONG. It could be[...]
67. When Was The Last Time You Looked In Your Head?
Take a look now, I dare ya! I've been looking in mine for years. Here's some things I found out:[...]
66. What If Nothing Was ‘Wrong’?
What do you think is ‘wrong’ about you and your life? Is it your fear and anxiety or depression? Is[...]
65. Why Achieving Goals Won’t Make You Happy
You want that end result right? The job, the money, the car, the holiday, the house, the holiday house, the[...]
64. Why Others Have No Right To Judge You – And Vice Versa
👉 Why aren’t you chasing your dreams? You only get one crack at this life! 👉 Why are you so sensitive and[...]

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