Improving Your resilience, wellbeing and unlocking Your full potential

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet…

Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.”

Stephen Hawking

Pinky Jangra

I teach people to successfully navigate the challenges of modern life in and outside the workplace. My resilience and wellbeing talks and trainings equip people with practical tools that they can use every day to take them from stress to success. I am also a Consciousness Coach and help people bring businesses and other creative projects into the world by mastering their mind and shining their soul.


Staff resilience and wellbeing training for teams and organisations


Resilience, wellbeing and inspirational talks for organisations and events


Consciousness Coaching for visionaries bringing ideas into the world

Pinky Jangra

Hi, I’m Pinky

Ever since young I was fascinated by the big questions in life – who am I? Why am I here? How does the universe work? I loved to look up at the stars in wonder and awe. That’s some of what went on in my mind. The other stuff that went on in my mind was less magical and wondrous. I had a tough upbringing with much unhappiness, I spent a lot of time suffering and wondering how I’d ever get out of the misery. Later in life I embarked on a journey to heal my traumas, build my resilience and live the best life that I could. I realised that whilst pain is inevitable, suffering is not. Whilst trauma does happen, we can heal it. Whilst life can be tough, we can be tougher!

My ongoing journey of personal growth has (and continues to) transform my life and it is my absolute pleasure to share with others what I’ve learned and what helps me, so that they too can grow, heal, thrive and live their best life at work and at home.

   I have had the pleasure of working with Pinky on several occasions as the Content and Event Coordinator at Cityparents (now WorkLife Central) Pinky is one of my go-to speakers for events in our Wellbeing category as her sessions are always insightful, encouraging, genuine and practical. The way Pinky can balance the expected with the unexpected, things you want to hear with things you need to hear – and does it with such empathy and command – makes her easy to watch, easy to listen to and easy to learn from.

Jill Rensing

Wellbeing Events and Content Manager, WorkLife Central

   Pinky is a great speaker and is very empowering in the way she delivers the content. Do not hesitate to book yourself onto this course – you will not regret it!

GovPD Training Delegate

“Developing Your Personal Resilience and Wellbeing”

   If your team is feeling a little jaded and disconnected, especially in these troubled Covid times, then you need to give Pinky a call. Her visualisation techniques are some of the best I have ever heard, if I was in charge of Calm or Headspace apps I’d pay Pinky a lot of money to recruit her. Pinky is made of special stuff.

David Swain

Operations Director, Elysian Search Consulting

   Pinky – that was one of the best tracks I have heard in the last 6 months. Awesome, thank you so much.

Gareth B

‘Resilience and Stress’ Webinar attendee

  Everyone needs to have resilience training, and Pinky Jangra is the best one to learn this from. Really good, especially for teams.

Emergency Department Staff

BarkingHavering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust

   This course is informative, interactive and interesting. I think it would be beneficial to almost everyone to take a different view on lots of different aspects of their life. I feel I have gained some useful tools to help me in my personal and professional life and will be making a real effort to implement them. Thank you so much!

GovPD Training Delegate

“Developing Your Personal Resilience and Wellbeing”

   Pinky is excellent at what she does, she will work with you to create the best version of YOU, she will advise you but most importantly, she will listen to you. I learnt so much about myself since working with Pinky and she’s very passionate about what she does which is refreshing to see. Mental health is extremely important in the world we live in and if you need coaching, training or advising, Pinky is the person you need!

Sadiye Booker

Social Media Manager and Freelance Marketing Consultant

    Thank you for hosting such an insightful and reflective webinar. Pinky was naturally engaging, warm and invited us to think about ourselves holistically. Very refreshing and very powerful indeed!

“Finding Your Meaning and Purpose” webinar attendee

WorkLife Central

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