empowering staff to develop their resilience and wellbeing

Resilience isn’t about bashing through problems and wellbeing isn’t about chilling all the time. Both are about growing, learning and adapting during change and challenge. I teach people how to do this, instead of drowning in distress. My resilience model can be used daily, in all sorts of challenges.

Pinky Jangra

My resilience and wellbeing training started out being for people who had experienced childhood abuse, trauma and domestic violence in their adult lives. I was teaching it online and in person back in 2016. In 2018 I bought it into the corporate world as part of my management consulting roles and began to integrate it into the change management process, to alleviate resistance to change.

A few years later, came Covid. People were understandably really struggling with the change and challenge. What also came to the surface was the need for greater wellbeing at work – something that had always been an issue but perhaps was not so at the forefront of discussion. Now we know that:

  • Workplace stress, and stress related absence, sickness and turnover is at an all time high and it’s costing companies and the economy, billions.
  • The World Health Organisation called stress the biggest health epidemic of the 21st Century.
  • Depression and anxiety are being predicted as some of the top illnesses in the next 40 years.
  • Suicide is the biggest cause of death in young men.
  • NHS mental health services in the UK are no where near able to cope with the demand upon them
  • Mental health service staff are themselves, struggling with their mental health.
  • Emergency Departments in hospitals are receiving more mental health patients.
  • Even the police in the UK are now dealing with an ever increasing number of mental health calls.

We are in a mental health pandemic and we need to act now.

Whilst my training is for educational purposes and does not replace medical treatment and consultation, I have nearly 20 years of expertise in the field of human development and have trained with some of the world’s experts including Dr Gabor Maté and Dr John Demartini.

I have created a resilience and wellbeing model that condenses my decades of experience into some core, timeless fundamentals that people can use in their daily lives – and I can teach it in one day.

This training has empowered thousands of people across many organisations to take their own resilience and wellbeing into their own hands. My proprietary, holistic resilience and wellbeing model can be used in any challenging scenario.


This is one day of interactive training that blends knowledge and practical tools from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, human behaviour, biology and spirituality to help you build your resilience. No matter your starting point, the size or complexity of your challenges, there are actions you can start taking today to help you in all areas of life.

What you’ll learn:
  • Self-awareness: a deeper understanding of yourself and others, why we think, feel and act as we do
  • Distress v’s Resilience: how these two opposing states affect our mind, body and behaviour in very different ways
  • Holistic Resilience Model: how to apply this model in any challenging scenario
  • Toolkit: understand, discuss and practise resilience tools: E.g. how to turn negative thinking into optimism, breathing and visualisation techniques to calm difficult emotions, how to stop people pleasing, positive body and lifestyle changes, connecting to your soul to unlock your innate resilience and, learning how to handle complex and challenging environments.
Course can be delivered online and in person.
Maximum attendees per session: 15
Fees available on request.


Some clients request shorter workshops/ want to train their staff in specific topics/ wish to spread training over a longer duration and so on. Whatever you think you need, it’s best to get in touch so we can discuss and develop a solution that works for you, your team and your organisation.

All courses and workshops can be delivered online and in person.

Group size and fee depends on content and will be agreed upon discussion.

    What strikes me the most about Pinky is that she is a champion of people. A champion of the Self. You leave her workshops feeling uplifted, confident and most of all Hopeful. I would recommend Pinky and her work to anyone and everyone who is looking to increase their resilience and/or make a positive transformation in their organisation and life. She is truly one of the best there is.

Jill Rensing

WorkLife Central

  The course was absolutely brilliant, so much to learn and practical tools to use in a different scenarios, Pinky took a coaching approach which was really supportive rather than being prescriptive. Discussions were realistic and very applicable to the world we live in rather than just being theoretical.

GovPD Training Delegate

   The course was really illuminating to me and has helped me better understand and recognise people struggling at work and at home.

John Higton,

Government Healthcare Director, Prederi Management Consulting

   Pinky was fantastic and kept the energy of the class going throughout the day. Lots of positive vibes and useful tools to take away.

GovPD Training Delegate

  I found the overall day to be engaging with a model of resilience that can be applied to any situation. Pinky was an engaging presenter, exemplifying the direction of positive psychology. While the demands of time and work may make you believe you do not need to undertake such a course, this is probably the very reason you should.

GovPD Training Delegate

  The whole course was extremely well structured and engaging, I got a lot from it and really enjoyed learning it.

GovPD Training Delegate

  I found the trainer and the structure really good – I would normally feel anxious in situation like this and didnt at all, so thank you for that.

GovPD Training Delegate

   What I found most useful was the circle of thoughts, emotions, behaviour and environment and looking in depth into this. A very informative course, left me with a fresher look in life. Was great to spend time with my managers working on wellbeing rather than in a stressful situation, a very relaxed atmosphere

Barking, Havering and Redbridge Hospitals, NHS 

  Thank you for a life changing experience and here is to baby steps forward!

GovPD Training Delegate

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and Pinky was extremely knowledgeable about the content. I really liked the tools that we were given to enable us to become more resilient in every aspect of our lives, no matter what role we are filling at the time. Well worth the time!

GovPD Training Delegate

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